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The Coming Week

I know that I’m awful with actually producing what I promise you guys, so I figure if I write out a schedule and let you all see it that I’ll actually stick to it(?).  So, here’s what you can expect in the next week:

  • Monday: Written review on Tarte Cheekstains (pics/swatches to follow later in the week)
  • Tuesday: ?
  • Wednesday: Airbrush Foundation Routine video
  • Thursday: Non-Airbrush Foundation Routine Video (may need to be moved due to exams and some appointments)
  • Friday: Video Review: Temptu air Compressor and Sp-35 Gun
  • Saturday: How to Apply Blush (powder and cream) video
Sound good?  Let me know if there’s anything you really want instead of one of these.  I don’t have my cam until Wednesday night, so anything up til that point can’t be a video or won’t include swatches, so… Let me know!


Random Musings

Hey everyone.  It has been a super long week for me… Shall we go through it?

  • Monday: First day back to school from a week-long vacation (always a bummer); semi-pointless rehearsal for H2$ at night (really didn’t get anything accomplished.)
  • Tuesday: Had to wake up early to run to the mall to grab some products  for my (then) upcoming haircut and then review; haircut and color (which is always lovely); trooped halfway across the state to meet a friend, ran errands with her, and went out to dinner with her, her boyfriend, and her brother (with little pieces of hair stuck to my face the entire time).  Also tested out some new face products that didn’t really react so well with my skin…
  • Wednesday: Half day at school; went out to lunch with two friends and turned in some resumes to a few restaurants; another H2$ rehearsal where I got yelled at more than once for doing what the director had previously told me to do.
  • Thursday: I have the flu.
So, some good and some bad this week, but overall just exhausting.  I think I just need to sleep.  If I’m home again tomorrow I’ll try to film some of those videos.  As of right now, the requested ones are for:
  1. Tarte Cheekstains
  2. Non-Airbrush Foundation Routine
  3. Temptu air Compressor and Sp-35 Gun
  4. Temptu AIRpod System Tutorial
  5. CeraVe Foaming Face Wash
I think that’s it… If I’m missing anything, or you want something else, then let me know in the comments!  Hope y’all are having a much more invigorating week than I am!


Judgement Day

Alright guys, I’m off in about an hour to get my hair cut… Wish me luck!  I’m going to take pictures throughout (on my phone, unfortunately…) to chronicle my “transformation”, so stay tuned for those.

Oh, also, remember how I asked y’all to help me pick out the actual cut?  And almost everyone said they loved the first choice and hated the second?  Well, I was searching through some portfolios a second time for inspiration last night, and went through this guy’s one again.  The first and the second photo are the same guy.  With the same cut.  The second one is just unstyled.  See the big difference a bit of product can make?

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Review: Fresh Soy Face Cleanser

As promised… (sorry it’s a little late)


Review: OCC Skin Foundation

Please be kind; this is my first video review (I definitely think I’m more eloquent in writing).  I probably skipped some stuff, so if you still have questions, let me know in the comments!


Help Me Choose My New Haircut!

So, I’m getting my haircut tomorrow, and I need help!  I’ve narrowed it down to three (they’re all quite similar, but with subtle differences), but now I need you all to pick which one I’m going to get.  Check em out, and let me know in the comments!!





Temptu AIRbrush Makeup System Unboxing

Yes, it’s different than my last one.

Temptu sent me their consumer airbrush makeup system, along with some foundations, a blush, and a highlighter to review. Let’s see what they look like!

Also, please don’t judge my appearance in this video… I had just woken up from a five hour nap, and really could have used a shave and some powder.  I wanted to do the unboxing tonight, though, because I plan on testing this out starting tomorrow, and I like opening up everything fresh with you guys!

You can enter the sweepstakes I mention in the video by visiting this link (April 29th is the last day to enter):

DISCLAIMER: These products were sent to me by Temptu as samples for consideration. My priority is to the readers and viewers, and all reviews, editorials, etc. are completely honest. Any opinions expressed in this video are my own, and do not reflect those of the parent company or any other bodies. I am not being paid to do this review, nor do I guarantee the company any sort of result, feedback, or portrayal either positively or negatively. I do not gain anything if a viewer chooses to click the link associated with the sweepstakes, nor if they enter.


New Fragrances and a YouTube Surprise

Hey guys! It’s finally spring (today was the first day here I actually acknowledged that; it was so gorgeous outside… Didn’t even need a jacket when I walked my dog tonight!) and that means it’s time to shelf the heavy, spicy colognes I’m partial to for Winter and move onto lighter, more ethereal scents.

Earlier, I placed an order for Fleur de Male by Jean Paul Gaultier and Artisan by John Varvatos. It usually takes me one to two weeks to decide whether I like a fragrance or not, so check back later for reviews on those.

Also, a surprise video is going up on YouTube in a little while… You’ll just have to check back soon to see what! (The OCC Skin and Fresh Soy Face Cleanser review videos are almost ready for posting.)

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Video Requests

Hey guys.  So, still being in high school (8 more school days!!), I have break next week.  And because I have four rehearsals for “How to Succeed…”, I’m not allowed to go anywhere.  Know what this means (besides that NYC will be missing my presence)?  That’s right!  Lots and lots of posts and videos.

So, I’m giving all y’all the chance to request whatever you want: reviews, tutorials, explanations, overviews…  Post down in the comments what you want to see, and, if it’s within reason (meaning I don’t have to purchase anything wildly expensive and it can be edited down to a 10 minute maximum video), it’ll probably be done.

C’mon, this is your chance to get what you want!  Take it!


Fresh Soy Face Cleanser and OCC Skin Reviews

These two were equally requested to be video-reviewed, so… I did both!  I still have a bit of post-filming work to do on each, but they should both be up in the next few days.  Check back soon for links to them both!

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