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Finally Got One of My Photos Back…

Hey, so I finally got one of the semi-complete photos back from one of the first photoshoots I ever did!  The background still needs to be changed, but the “me” part is supposedly done with editing.  Check it out!

Anyway, my dad has a ton of work to do tomorrow, so I’m pretty much on my own all day.  Whadya think that means?  Yup! Answering all of your questions, at least two YouTube videos, and no homework! Awesome!  Honestly, every time I promise to start this stuff, I fall asleep. No joke. But I plan on actually sleeping tonight, so hopefully, I won’t be passing out in the middle of the day tomorrow, so this will actually happen.  Thanks guys!


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Passport Photo…

Ugh, we all know how terrible these always are.  But, I just had mine taken so I can get a Visa to go to Russia in February:

Awful, no?  Worst possible day to have acne (see: chin).  Ah well, it’ll do.

So, in honor of my terrible passport photo, here’s the question for today:  What are your tips for looking your best in ID/passport photos where you can’t really smile or do anything creative?  Let me know in the comments!

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The Chanel Smokey Eye

Chanel is relatively known for producing stunning makeup looks at all of its shows, and its nail polishes are some of the most sought after in the business, often selling out within days of release (anyone remember “Jade”? Yeah…)  Anywho, this season is no different.  Chanel seems to be setting the stage for green as the new black, blending together shades of emerald, grey, and forest to produce this dramatic look.  Lips were left relatively bare and skin is kept healthy but milky, with probably just a dab of cream blush and little-if-any powder.  And did anyone notice anything odd about the hair?  Take a look:

That’s right.  Makeup artists at Chanel drew a black line in liquid eyeliner down the center parts of models.  Odd?  Yes. Probably not a trend that’ll be transitioning to the streets anytime soon.  But those eyes?  Maybe taken down from the brow a bit, they’re quite stunning.  Here’s one fashionist-o (is that right?) that’s looking forward to the rise of green.

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