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Midterms are finally over…

Hey guys!  Sorry for my short disappearance.  This past week was the week from hell: four midterms and none of them on the day they were scheduled for.  I was up until 3am for three nights in a row studying for various subjects that kept changing dates, and it was just awful.  I’ll be back to answering all of your questions and throwing up some posts tonight.  Thanks for hanging in!


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I’m going to start filming my review of Ben Nye Grande Lumiere Eyeshadow Palette in a few minutes (I’m doing it in three parts)!  Check my YouTube channel or back here in a couple of hours! 

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There’s an Also!

So, my Amazon order with the hair products came in today.  I already tried out the Kevin Murphy Easy Rider and I’m lovin’ it!  Watch for the review of that and the Schwarzkopf DustIt+ coming up next week!  (I always test a product for at least a week, depending on what it is, to give it a fair review.)

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Yay: New Camera!

Just found out that I’m getting a new camera for Chanukah, which means that all of my reviews will soon have swatch pictures (where applicable) and close-ups of the actual product (instead of industry propagated ads).  Of course, I have a camera right now, but it’s macro setting isn’t very good, and I figured no such pictures are better than blurry pictures on any blog.

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It’s your blog too! (Kinda…)

So guys, I really wanna know what you’re looking for outta this blog.  Is it reviews?  Tutorials?  Tips and tricks?  Editorials?  I love doing all of them, and will still do all of them, but now that my first round of college applications is done with, I have more time to devote to this blog, and I wanna start putting out posts that you guys really want to read.  

Along with that, if there is a specific product you want me to review, please, let me know, and I’ll see if I can afford it and then order it (so, obviously, nothing exorbitantly expensive).  Of course, I won’t be able to do this for everything, but I’ll sure try my best for all of them!  

So, let me know in the comments and help me make this blog a better one for all of you!

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Quickie Intro to Me!

Hey everyone! So I’m Sam. I’m a freelance makeup artist and model, as well as a dabbler in fashion photography.  This blog is gonna mostly be cosmetic and skincare reviews and tutorials, and some photography from time to time (as well as rants and ramblings occasionally!) So, enjoy, subscribe, follow, contribute.  If anyone ever wants something reviewed, tested, etc., send me a message and I’ll do my best to get it up here!  Thanks guys!

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