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Preview of my review of Paco Rabanne "1 Million"

Here’s the opening paragraph of my review of the cologne 1 Million by Paco Rabanne.

You walk down the cement steps and step cautiously into the wall of lights.  Dance music makes the air seem to buzz as if filled with a cloud of angry insects.  Bodies meld into one another, indistinct forms of color and movement and flesh.  The bartender hands you a drink you don’t know the name of, but you take a sip anyway.  Across the floor, you see him.  He slinks between the amorphous crowds, the top two buttons of his shirt undone.  He looks at you; your eyes lock.  You stand transfixed, and he comes and takes your hand in his.  You make your way onto the raised floor.  Two bodies becomes one; indistinct forms of color and movement and flesh.

Just a taste of the sensation the fragrance creates. Have you guys seen my recent posts there reviewing Mario Badescu’s Silver Powder, my random assortment of makeup tips and its follow-up, and my mascara tutorial?  If not, go check em out and look around Karen’s awesome blog as well!

Lemme know what you think of this preview, and click here for the full review!


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