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Big Hair and Beauty Order

Hey guys!  Sorry I’ve been a little lackluster with posting this week.  I’m taking off for Russia in less than 48 hours, and my mind has just been consumed with packing and brushing up on my language skills.

Anyway, I just placed two big orders with Mehron and Kevin Murphy.  Both packages should be coming in tomorrow, so hopefully I’ll be able to bust out a haul/first impressions video tomorrow amid my frantic running around.  Yes, I did order these specifically for my trip…

Anyway, do you tend to purchase new products when going on a trip for a long time?  I feel like it’s a great opportunity to test out different stuff in a new environment where people don’t know how you normally look.


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Amazon Purchases

Just received a confirmation that my Amazon order is a day or two away! Has anyone ever heard of Kevin Murphy? He’s an Australian hair guru, with what looks like a fantastic range of products, and I hauled his Easy Rider cream-paste, a soft, pliable hold that’s super moisturising and makes hair look healthy and perfectly unstyled. As well, I got Schwarzkopf (the same company that makes Göt2be; this is their high end range) DustIt+, a silicone powder that makes hair matte and adds volume and a sexy touch of dishevelledness. Stay tuned for my review on the two next week!

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