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My Thoughts on Sephora

Recently, I’ve become rather disenchanted with this once-wondrous store.  A year ago, Sephora was the pinnacle of quality, class, and accessibility for makeup and skincare; now, it’s begun to pander more to the casual consumer, lowering its quality and exclusivity in exchange for cheaper pricing and flashier displays.

Back then, I would walk into Sephora, and feel privileged.  The salespeople were always well groomed and looked flawless (a must for someone who represents a beauty corporation), and spanned a great range of ages, which I appreciated.  They were always very pleasant, and seemed more wanting to genuinely help than just make a sale.  Asking for a sample was easy and painless, and more often than not, I was offered a freebie or tester even when I just idly mused over a product.  When I had questions, someone in the store always had the right answer, and tailored their response and advice to my needs.  Getting color-matched was a breeze, and I rarely returned anything.

Every single product was of superior quality and was obviously selected to fit the brand’s image.  Packaging looked and felt expensive (even on Sephora’s own housebrand), and I took some pride in displaying anything I bought there on my cabinet as opposed to drugstore products which go in the drawers.  Not to say that I couldn’t simply have purchased these brands from the parent company.  But there was a simple pleasure in being able to walk into a single store and be surrounded by a complete range of products that all radiate elegance.

And the store itself was almost medi-grade clean.  It seemed as if every day, someone had wiped off the tops of the lipsticks, droppered a bit of alcohol onto the eyeshadows, and washed the sample brushes.  The mini trash bins always seemed freshly emptied; the tester tools were always well stocked.

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