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Inglot Eyeshadow and Lipstick Swatches

Update 5/29: These photos were taken under harsh, yellow-toned fluorescent lighting, and therefore may not accurately represent the colors as they would appear normally.  New swatches will be taken and posted within the next week.

Check out these swatches of some of the Inglot products I bought about a month ago.  I just sent my review of them over to Karen at Makeup and Beauty Blog, so I’ll link to them when they go up.  Isn’t it obvious just from these why Inglot has quickly become one of my new favorite lines?

All swatches were applied with a fingertip swiped once across the product, to show how pigmented they are.

The numbers underneath each swatch are their “names” (Inglot assigns products numbers rather than giving them a wordy name.)

Eyeshadow Swatches from the Freedom System

Lipstick Swatches from the Freedom System



Is Your Lipstick Getting Mouthy?

Anonymous wondered how she could stop lipstick from getting onto her teeth.

First, apply with a brush. This limits over-distribution and lends a more even finish.  After the initial application, blot lightly with a tissue.  If you wish, separate a tissue into one ply, and tap some powder onto your lips through the tissue to really set the product.  Apply another layer of lipstick if you prefer a more creamy look. Blot again. This method improves the wear-time as well as making it less likely to transfer (especially to teeth!)

Once you’ve finished, form your mouth into an “O”-shape around your middle finger, and draw it out.  A bit of lipstick should have come off on it.  This is the product that would have rubbed off onto your teeth.

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