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Fading Away

Anonymous is having issues with her eye makeup fading away throughout the day, and has already tried UD’s Primer Potion and NARS Smudgeproof Eyeshadow Base to no avail.  So, she asks what tips I have for preventing the dreaded fade.

First off, try the Too Faced Shadow Insurance, which I think is the best mainstream eye primer available. Second, try layering your products.  Start with a primer, then a cream product, then a powder.  Pat, rather than swipe, the powder product over the cream to set it.  You can use a cream product in the same shade as the powder shadow, a neutral, more concealer-like shade, or a basic white (which, depending on the opacity of the product used, may either make the shade bolder or a bit more subdued.)  Layering in almost any area of makeup is key to lasting power (think about foundation: first moisturiser, then primer, then concealer, then foundation, then powder.)

If this doesn’t appeal to you, try applying your powder eyeshadow wet with a mixing medium.  I adore Ben Nye LiquiSet.  This stuff makes powder eyeshadows virtually smudge-proof and water resistant, amps up the vibrancy, and is cheap cheap cheap.  The only problem is is that it sets fast.  Like, within seconds.  And once it sets, it absolutely cannot be blended.  So, if you plan on doing a lot of careful blending, or are a slow makeup applier, I’d pass over this.

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Best of Ben Nye

Anonymous wondered what I would consider my staple products from the Ben Nye product line.

LOVE their powder eyeshadows, especially the Grande Lumiere range (you can check out my video reviews of 12 of them herehere, and here/here.)  The matte ones are fantastic as well, and I think all of them prove formidable competition for MAC shadows, especially considering pricing.  Their cake eyeliners are also amazing (staying power is… stunning), and their loose face powders are some of the best I’ve ever found (they control oil like no other, set makeup beautifully, and the Banana Visage powder is amazing at evening out a ruddy complexion). The “clown makeup” are actually fantastic cream colors, and although the actual color ones may be too intense for daily wear, the white is amazing as an eyeliner, base (think of a MAC Paint Pot), and blending medium.  Finally, if you like glitter and shimmer, make sure to check out their Sparklers (simply the best, most evenly cut, eye-safe glitter I’ve ever come across) and the MagiColor Paints (think of MUFE Aquarelle, but a million times cheaper).  These are my definite must-haves, but in all honesty, every single product I’ve come across in this line beats out the competition, so feel free to explore the rest (and definitely let me know how it is!!)

All Ben Nye products can be bought from International Fun Shop.


Swatches of Ben Nye Grande Lumiere Eyeshadow Palette – Part 2

Check out my video review of these shades, too!

Bottom left clockwise: Shades Silver, Azalea, Jade, Chartreuse


Top to bottom: Silver, Azalea, Chartreuse, Jade

Shades on left applied with a wet synthetic brush; shades on right applied with finger

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Ben Nye Grande Lumiere Eyeshadow Palette Swatches – Part 1

Here’s my review of the first four shades in the palette: Ice, Iced Gold, Aztec Gold, and Tangerine.


Starting at bottom left (counterclockwise): Ice, Iced Gold, Tangerine, Aztec Gold

Left to right: Ice, Iced Gold, Aztec Gold, Tangerine

Top swatches are dry, using finger; bottom swatches are wet, using synthetic brush

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Ben Nye Grande Lumiere Eyeshadow Review – Intro

Here’s the intro to my review of the Ben Nye Grande Lumiere Eyeshadow Palette.  I had to split this from Part 1 of the video because it became too long if I didn’t and Youtube wouldn’t let me upload it otherwise…  Anyway, check back for Part 1 when I post the accompanying swatches!


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