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Fall Essentials

Anonymous asked what I thought some fall makeup essentials for women are.

  1. Lots of nudes: a big trend this fall is the bare, simple, no-fuss face.  Opt for a satin or matte finish foundation, nude or beige lip colors, and eyeshadows ranging from champagne to earthy chocolates.  Keep cheeks light with a hint of a more rosey blush, or choose to contour cheekbones instead with a powder one to two shades darker than your foundation.
  2. Purple: Feel like going a bit more daring than just a blank face?  Opt for one of Fall 2010’s hottest shades-purple.  Try some deep, rich purple eyeshadow just in the outer-V of your eye, tracing it down slightly under the lower lashline (about 1/6 of the way).  Or go for a more plummy, satin lip paired with nude eyes.
  3. Grunge: Purple still too boring for you?  One of this seasons hottest, yet hardest to pull off trends, is the grunge look.  Eyeliner is no longer about precision details, but rather a smudged, slept-in look (beware of raccoon-eyes!!) One way to achieve this is to apply black liner just to the waterline before you go to bed, sleep in it, and in the morning, voila!  Just clean up any really bad smudging, and you’re instantly chic.  Or opt for a more “subdued”, ruddy look by bringing in some medium-toned browns, bricks, and oranges, and place all around the eye and slightly above the crease, focusing the darker colors just beneath the lower lashline.  Don’t worry too much about making it even-this look is about being perfectly imperfect.  To transition this look from day-to-night, take the tiniest bit of vaseline and dab it on top of each eyelid.  Hit the lips with a matte or satin nude, and paired with the right hair (look for the next post, coming soon), you’re ready to go!
  4. Putty: Nails this season are looking at nudes too.  Opt for shades of putty-grey, khaki, or light, camel browns.
  5. Cheery cherries: If your lips are your focus, and purple just ain’t cuttin’ it, head toward rich cranberries and sheer cherry shades.
  6. Butter: Don’t happen to like putty?  Another popular trend this fall is about “buttery” nails.  Look for shades in the yellow, light blue, or grey family whose finish can almost be described as creamy/satin.
  7. Duo-tone: this is a great look that can be played up for day or night.  I particularly like this look using metallics, but any two shades in the same family of popular colors should work.  Apply a dark, creamy shade to the lid, bringing it just slightly above the crease (a coppery-gold would be nice), and a lighter, shimmery shade just underneath the lower lashline (like a platinum-grey or muted silver).
  8. Greasepaint: Relating back slightly to the grunge look, this sexy-yet-subdued look is as appropriate for most offices as it is for a night out, if done properly.  To reduce the harshness, start with a deep shade that is not black (try aubergine, a deep green, or slate grey).  Keep the most color near the lashline, and using a blender brush, smudge it out in all directions.  Keep the lips and cheeks close to their natural hue.
  9. Ice princess: icy nudes also have their place this season.  Opt for baby blues, sparkly champagnes, and powdery berry colors.  Layer a nude gloss over your lipstick to power-up this trend.
  10. Snow queen: Break out the silver, girls.  Try lining just your upper lashline with a shimmery silver, or go for a platinum and grey smokey eye.
  11. Wind-burnt cheeks: Play down and the eyes and lips in this look that pair well with the Natural.  Use a rose, red, or pink cream blush liberally on top of your cheekbones, and using the remainder that’s left on your brush, lightly tap some color onto your chin, down the bridge of your nose, and across the occipital bone for a look that channels cold-weather chic.
  12. The graphic lip: This look calls for a defined, power lip.  Choose striking, bold shades of red, orange, plum, purple, or beige in a satin or matte finish, and really layer on the color, deliberately following and slightly exaggerating the natural lip line.


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