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Review: Kracie Naive Foaming Facial Cleanser

Sorry for the lack of posts in the last few days; I’ve just been ridiculously not at home or a near a computer most of the time.  I had planned to post this review on Friday, but due to my lack of technology recently, here it is now!

Let me tell you, I’ve run the gamut of facial cleansers trying to find ones that can combat my extremely oily skin.  Aveda, Shiseido, Neutrogena, St. Ives, Sephora Brand, Dr. Brandt, Murad, and many others, and yet none ever made my skin feel really clean.  And isn’t that what a facial cleanser is supposed to do?

Anyway, I was in New York last winter and had just walked from the Upper East Side to Canal St. (the main run of Chinatown) and, despite the chill, was getting a bit hot under my three layers of shirts, sweaters, and jackets, so I decided to duck into what appeared to be a traditional Asian market for a few minutes to cool off.  After spending a few minutes browsing through the rows of dried squid, Asian candy, and things whose labels and appearance did nothing to clue me in as to what they were, I decided to check out the upstairs.

In stark contrast to the first floor, the second was brightly lit, shiny, and looked freshly painted.  A few smiling girls stood behind a counter and directed towards a stack of canvas shopping bags before I set off into the rest of the floor.  Which was filled with skincare, hair products, and makeup.  There was some Shiseido, but for the most part, these were brands I’d never heard of.  Long story short, I spent more time weeding out what I couldn’t afford from my bag than what I could, and finally settled on an oil-based face wash, and the Kracie Naive Foaming Facial Cleanser.

Although it came in a variety of scents (including Pomegranate and Green Tea), I settled on Peach.  After a few hours of anxious waiting, I returned back to my aunt’s suite and broke out the adorable tube.  This comes out a really thick, white, and slightly pearlescent cream.  I squeezed out about a quarter sized amount, and after wetting it and rubbing it between my fingers, I realized this was way too much.  Man, does this stuff foam!  I probably had enough bubbly wash in my hands to make a Santa beard (like I used to when I was four and in the bath).  So I washed it off and tried again.  This time I used about half-a-dime’s size amount, which resulted in a small handful of pleasing, foamy goodness.  I hate those cleansers that promise to foam and all you end up with a watery mess with a few tiny bubbles perched atop it.

Side note: This smells heavenly.  Like real peaches!! None of that fake, artificial smell, and faint enough to hopefully not offend anyone with a sensitive nose.

Back to it: Splashing a bit of warm water on my face, I proceeded to thoroughly cleanse and then rise off with cool water.  And let me tell you, my face had never felt cleaner.  I actually know where that saying “squeaky clean” comes from now!  My skin did feel a little bit tight, but with how oily my skin is, this isn’t really a problem.  My face, after drying, definitely looked cleaner and brighter.

After eight months of use, I can honestly say that this is the best facial cleanser for oily skin I have ever found.  I still divert my interest from this to new products, hoping to find something still better, but always come back to Kracie’s miracle product when I realize that this just isn’t possible.  This cleanser is what I credit (along with the Clarisonic) for clearing up much of my acne and reducing the amount of oil my skin produces.

I’ve also tested this on supposedly waterproof makeup that has held up to other cleansers, and it takes it right off. Perhaps not as easily as an oil cleanser or something made specifically to remove this type, but a little bit of extra effort is worth losing another step in your regimen, right?

A warning however: I would never recommend this to ANYONE with anything but oily skin.  It is extremely drying and really sops up any and all oil on your face, so anyone with normal to dry skin would really being doing themselves a disservice by using this.


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