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Airbrush Routine

Hey, this went up last night, but I forgot to post the link… Here ya go!



Stay-put Eyeliner

Anonymous wondered what my favourite eyeliner was and how to prevent any eyeliner from running or disappearing.

My overall favorite has to be the MUFE Aqua Eyes.  It’s waterproof, doesn’t smudge, and and has amazing pigmentation.

To get eyeliner to last, you can do a few things:

  1. Start with a primer.  Just like with eyeshadow, a lid primer will up the staying power of any eyeliner.
  2. Set with powder. Taking the same or a similar shade of powder eyeshadow on a flat, dense eyeliner brush, press it into the line you’ve made (don’t draw it over it).
  3. Use a powder eyeliner. Powder/cake liners undoubtedly last long than cream/pencil liners.  Wet an eyeliner brush before application to enhance the stay-put power further.
  4. Heat things up. Taking your pencil eyeliner, wave it over a flame (I usually just use a disposable lighter) two or three times. Tap the melted excess off onto the back of your hand, let it cool for a second or two, and apply. Not only will you get a gorgeous “kohl”-like application, but you’ll also have increased the staying time incredibly.

Try these tips, and you should be on your way to stay-put eyeliner in no time.

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Foundation Routine

Rachel asked what my preferred method of foundation application is.

Fantastic question!

Beforehand, apply moisturiser/sunscreen and a primer if you use it, and allow each to absorb for five minutes or so.

Then, check out my entire post about it here!

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I’m feeling a tutorial coming up, for one of Fall 2010’s hottest looks.  Read the post below, then let me know in the comments which look you most want to see demonstrated.  To recap, the choices are…

  1. The Nude Face
  2. Purple Power
  3. Grunge Girl
  4. Duo-Tone
  5. Greasepaint
  6. Ice Princess
  7. Snow Queen
  8. Wind-burnt Warrior
  9. The Graphic Lip

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