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Creme de la Mer

Anonymous asked me why I haven’t reviewed the skincare products from Creme de la Mer.

Being a cult product, I’d love to review this famed product line touted by celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Madonna, but I won’t, for two reasons.  The first being the price: $130 for one ounce.  Now, if I knew this was a miracle product that I needed, I might be tempted.  But Creme de la Mer is made for anti-aging purposes.  As far as I can tell, my wrinkles are under control for now, and I haven’t lost any of my skin’s elasticity.  Even so, I’d be willing to try it for you all save for this second reason: the creme’s ingredient list.  Second on that list is Mineral Oil, and only slightly farther down is Lanolin Alcohol, both of which are extremely comedogenic.  In the past, whenever I’ve tried anything with either of these ingredients listed anywhere on the packaging, I’ve broken out within two days of use and gotten those awful, cystic bumps deeps under the skin that are just so painful.  Now that I’ve finally been able to start wrangling my skin under control (thanks to the wonders of the Clarisonic Skincare Brush, which I’ll review soon), I’m not willing to risk that for a product I’m 99% sure ruin all my hard work.  This is especially because with skincare products, you really need to test them for about a month or so before you’re able to give an accurate review, whereas with makeup and hair you only need to try them a few times before you can give an honest opinion.

But here’s an inside tip: Nivea Cream (the one that comes in the big blue tin) has nearly exactly the same ingredient list as Creme de la Mer, save for a few extracts and vitamins, and is only $7 for 6oz.  If you don’t mind ordering online, buy the German version, as it contains a few less fillers, otherwise the American version you can pick up at CVS should do you just fine.  This is a secret touted by some top skincare gurus and makeup artists who can handle heavy face creams, and seeing what wonders Nivea Creme has done for my hands and body, I’d be willing to say that it would work well for dry facial skin too.