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Review: Tarte Cheekstain (Blissful)

Blushes are one of those products that are nearly as personal as foundation.  A good blush should exactly mimic the flush of color your get after jogging a few blocks, coming inside from a quick jaunt in the snow, or holding your head upside down for a few seconds (but, now, why would you be doing that?).  Many blushes also tend to fade and lose certain pigments throughout the day, leaving you with either a blotchy cheek, or a wash of some horridly unnatural color that was previously mixed in with the various other shades that have now disappeared.

As many of you know, my skin is trés oily.  Like, extremely.  So finding a good blush that won’t oxidize or fade quickly (let alone look natural on my terribly pale skin) is a chore.  In general, powder blushes tend to last longer on oily skin, while cream blushes work better for those with normal to dry skin (kind of like foundations).  However, for some reason, with my skin, many powder blushes tend to cake or cling unevenly, making it look like I’m wearing blush rather than just having a natural rosy glow.

(This isn't Blissful, but a stock image from Sephora. Actual product pics and swatches will be up by this weekend.)

(This isn't Blissful, but a stock image from Sephora. Actual product pics and swatches will be up by this weekend.)

And in comes the Tarte Cheekstain ($30 for 1 oz).  I first stumbled across these last summer.  I was up in Boston, studying at Harvard, and the weather was absolutely dreadful.  Like, ninety degrees and humid one day, and pouring rain the next.  Not good climate conditions for makeup.  My skin was relatively under control, and I wanted to try wearing a bit less foundation (which tended to melt under the heat or moisture) while still looking “alive”, but I knew I’d need something to perk up my skin otherwise.  So, naturally, I turned to blush.  I’d already worked my way through a multitude of powder and cream blushes, from drugstore to department store, and although I’d found a few I liked, none of them were natural enough (either containing a hefty amount of shimmer or just being an odd color for my pale, yellow-toned skin).

I’d heard quite a bit about these Cheekstains, and finally decided to check them out for myself.  I dragged a few friends into the city and trekked to the closest Sephora, quickly weaving my way to the Tarte display.  A row of these short, chubby sticks were lined up right in front.  Presentation-wise, they kind of remind me of those really old-school push pops from when I was a kid.  You unscrew the top, remove a plastic protector, and push on the bottom of the tube to get the product to come up.  After looking at a few shades, I finally decided that “Blissful”, a light, rosy peach, would most suit me, and swatched it on the back of my wrist.  Boy, was I underwhelmed.  It looked weak, sheer, and a tad unnaturally pink.  But it was my only option, as I’d already worked my way from NARS to Urban Decay in the blush department.  I snagged one of the last tubes, paid, and headed back to campus.

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