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Kat Von D.’s Tattoo Concealer is Great; Just Not For Ya Face

Anonymous asked what I thought of Kat Von D.’s Tattoo Concealer for use on the face.

Well, I’ve tried it, and loved it. But not for the face.

After trying a few methods of application, I’ve concluded that Kat Von D’sTattoo Concealer should be used just as it’s name implies: to cover tattoos on the body and minor birthmarks, etc.  For the face, it’s simply too thick and viscous (almost like a mix between a putty and a liquid), and contains much too much yellow to appear natural on almost anyone.  However, these qualities lend beautifully to covering body imperfections. I was able to fully conceal a fresh scar I had had at the time (meaning it was bright red and textured… ugh.) with one layer, and I could definitely see this stuff completely hiding all but the darkest tattoos in two or so layers (set with powder in between).

If you’re looking for a full coverage concealer for the face, check out MUFE Full Coverage.


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