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Teeth Whitening With Rembrandt: The Saga

I’d stumbled across the brand Rembrandt about three years ago when I first looked into teeth whitening options, but kind of brushed them aside in favor of more commercially lauded and available products (like my beloved Crest 3D Whitestrips).  Now that I’d gone through a full box of that type of treatment, I’ve noticed that my teeth have begun to inch back towards their mildly discolored state (and I refuse to give up coffee!).  Unfortunately, the Crest 3D Effects toothpaste just doesn’t seem to be cutting it.  So, after seeing a brief blog post on the wonders of Rembrandt products, I decided to hunt down a tube and give it a whirl. Below are my teeth right before using the product for the first time (please forgive the slight crookedness of my bottom teeth… I did have braces, but my retainer broke a month ago {getting a new one in a few weeks} and they’ve definitely shifted):






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