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Paul Mitchell: The Super Skinny Serum

So, I’m… Pissed. Remember how I said I ordered that Ben Nye palette and that it should arrive early next week (especially since I upgraded to 3-day shipping)? Well, Mr. So-and-so called me yesterday to inform me that they were outta the palettes and that they wouldn’t arrive ‘til late next week.  Shouldn’t the website be automated to let customers know when something is not in stock? I mean, I certainly could have ordered this from another site and gotten it in time to do my Mad Hatter look for school Wednesday.  And I know for a fact that this site sells the individuals of the eyeshadows, and empty palette pans… Couldn’t he have offered to just send me the same individuals that are in the assembled palette? It’s a privately owned company, and this was the owner that called me after all. He didn’t even offer me free shipping or anything! So I won’t be doing a review on these for a while, but I will as soon as they come in… IN TWO WEEKS! Urg… Anyway, rant over. Time to review… Paul Mitchell: The Super Skinny Serum (finally)!

This has basically become my HG hair product.  Let’s start off with first impressions: The packaging is quite attractive, as you can see. It’s definitely something I keep on top of my cabinet. It’s sleek, chic, and altogether a welcome addition to my small display.

Pumping a bit of this into my hand, it has the consistency of a viscous liquid, and feels really slippery (due to the silicones in it).  It has a wonderful, fruity smell, either apple or watermelon (I can’t decide, and haven’t been able to reach a consensus through other people, who all say one or the other haha).  Either way, the smell dissipates from hair about fifteen minutes after application, so even if you’re sensitive to scents, there shouldn’t be too much of a worry there.

Now, the big problem with most shine sprays/serums is that they weigh hair down incredibly or make it look greasy.  Now, this serum is certainly capable of that, but only if you use too much.  And I mean WAY too much.  In my short hair, I can use one to two pumps and be fine, and have also used this on models with bra-strap length hair, so a little does go a long way.  I did once overdose, however, and use four pumps, because, when applied, it really doesn’t seem like it’s in  there at first.  This is one of those products that needs a setting time to “activate”.  I ALWAYS apply this to damp hair which I then let air-dry, which allows this both to set and activate it’s unique, amazing quality: it speeds up drying time! I’ve noticed a considerable reduction in air-drying time (15-30 minutes) when using this, and drastically improves drying time when using a hair dryer.  It also reduces frizz and protects against heat damage when used this way.  I find that when applied to dry hair, this has the tendency to “clump” and overapply in certain areas, but if you’re persistent, you can comb it out evenly.

Once my hair has dried and this product has set, I can see an instant improvement in overall hair quality.  My hair is shiny, but not greasy, incredibly soft, and has a wonderful, flow-y movement to it.  Surprisingly, my hair doesn’t feel like it has a “film” over it, which even other good shine serums tend to leave.  Simply wonderful.  Even with other products layered on top, this product still enhances their effects and makes overall styling a breeze.  LOVE it!



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