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Anonymous wanted to know what the best eyeliner for use on the waterline is.

Well, it depends on the color (oddly, among many makeup brands, the quality of products varies from shade to shade, especially among eye products…).  But let’s assume that you’re looking at the basic black, then silver and white (the two other shades I most commonly use for this purpose.)

By far, my favorite black liner is the Maybelline Expert Wear Eyeliner in Velvet Black. There is absolutely nothing special about this liner, which is why I adore it.  It is simply the darkest, purest black I have ever found, applied straight-up matte, and wears forever.  Can be smudged or worn precisely, and looks great on the waterline.  It’s not waterproof, however, so you may need to touch up once or twice during the day, but I’ve never had too much of a problem with it.


Left to Right: MUFE Silver, MUFE White, Maybelline Black Velvet


For silver and white, I’m lovin’ MUFE Aqua Eyes in Silver 8L and White 14L.  These apply so smoothly and look like silk.  They dry down in seconds, have a gorgeous sheen to em, and glide smoothly without tugging.  I’ve never had to go over a line more than once to get it opaque and even.


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