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You Might Be Wondering Where I’ve Been

And you’d be right to wonder.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to access WordPress for nearly two weeks.  I don’t know why.  Every time I would try to log in, I would get a server error.  Tried from my Mac, and from my iPhone, and neither one worked.  Hopefully it was just a server glitch, but we shall see, won’t we?

Anyway, Finally Indigo is going to be undergoing a HUGE redesign in the next month.  New graphics, prettier UI, easier navigation… Basically becoming a professional blog.  I plan to continue this into college, and I’ve spent the last two months making connections with cosmetics and beauty companies and coming up with ideas for new directions to take the blog in.

So, posting will become sparse during this period as we work on the internals of the system.  So, read through the archives, try out my awesome Wheat Free Banana Bread Recipe, and keep checking back daily to keep my traffic up and make me a more viable option for companies to start interacting with.

I thank you all so much for your continued support, and know that I wouldn’t be here without all of the great comments and criticisms you’ve all given me.



I’m So Impulsive…

Really.  In the past two weeks, I’ve made countless purchases of makeup, haircare, and fragrance products that I just absolutely don’t need.  But I’m loving everything so far!  That’s what important, right?

I’ll take some pics of everything I got tomorrow and start working away at discussing them, but here are some of the brands I got to get you excited:

  • Graftobian
  • La Femme
  • Keromask
  • Bumble and Bumble
  • Bvlgari
  • Jack Black
Excited yet?


A Realization

So, I realized something today.

The reason my posts have become so infrequent is because, quite simply, I don’t know what to write about.  I’m still a beginning blogger, so I don’t have a relationship with any companies and don’t receive pre-release products for review or overview.  I’m a guy, and don’t wear much beyond foundation, powder, and some contouring, so the number of products I can test on myself/buy for myself is rather limited.  And I write for Makeup and Beauty Blog, so many of the products I purchase for my kit are reviewed for/on there.

But, I’m not giving up.  I’ve just decided to expand the focus of the blog a bit.

Finally Indigo will continue to be a beauty blog, but focusing less intensely on product reviews and widening it’s scope to include many other aspects of beauty.  This includes cooking (recipes, tips, tricks, etc.), exercise, and a variety of other topics that all factor into making you the most beautiful person you can be.

This is a big change, and one I hope will keep me posting much more regularly.  My YouTube channel will still be devoted to beauty products and reviews only.

Let me know in the comments what you think of this shift, and leave me some ideas of what kinds of topics you want me to cover in the future.  I want to thank all you who have stuck with me and the blog through all of my absences and lapses.  It’s seeing the numbers of daily visitors that really keeps me going.

So. What do you want to see from Finally Indigo in the coming months?


Unlikely Sources of Inspiration

Isn’t it funny where inspiration comes from sometimes?  I went to school for the last time today (besides graduation and honors night) and am so completely over it.  I’m honestly not going to miss it at all.  Of course, certain things (mostly some of the teachers and obviously a few close friends), but overall… Nah.  I couldn’t wait to get out of there.

But on my way out… I saw this tree that I had never really noticed.  These blossoms seemed to just be sprouting out of its trunk, almost like a lichen, and they were this surreal fuchsia.  It was stunning.  And it gave me an idea for a makeup look.

I took a few pic, and went home.


So, my question to you is… Where have you found inspiration where you never expected to?  Mine was outside the cement, clinical building that was originally intended to be a correctional institute yet now serves as my former high school.  Where was yours?


Tomorrow, Tomorrow

Tomorrow, I’m back.  For good.  I have one exam tomorrow afternoon (US History… Ugh) and then I am done with High School forever (barring graduation on June 10).  That means I will have so much time to dedicate to this blog, my YouTube channel, and writing for Makeup and Beauty Blog.  I’ll also hopefully be working full-time, which means more money, which means more products I can buy for review.

I’ll definitely be able to handle a lot more Reader Questions now, so send em in (check out the “Ask Me” tab up top).  Can’t wait to dive back into it full force!

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Two Weeks

Hey y’all.  So, opening weekend of my play went fantastically.  The makeup is so much fun (think Twiggy in the mid-60’s) and the cast is just wonderful.  It’s a hilarious show and the audience seemed to love us!  A few people even asked if I act professionally, which was really flattering.

The Inglot products I bought are amazing.  Like, incredible.  I’ll have swatches up soon (although I have school this week, I’m not doing much else until Thursday night {second weekend of the play run}).  I’m thinking of stocking most of my kit from them, even.

I also got my Temptu S/B products in the mail and am currently learning how to work with them.  I had no idea they’d be so different in technique than the OCC W/B ones!  Video on those will be coming up as soon as I feel confident enough with them not to make a fool out of myself.

And in exactly two weeks, I’ll be done!  With school, with the play, with… well, that’s it.  But like I said, once that happens, I’ll have so much more time to dedicate to this, which makes me really happy.

How was everyone’s weekend?  Find any new product loves?  Gotta say, I’m digging Inglot’s matte cream liners.  Their black is seriously incredible.  Dare-I-say, better even than MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack…?  Perhaps.


I Lied

Hey guys, I KNOW I said that I’d post that Tarte Cheekstain review today, but it’s gonna have to be pushed to tomorrow.  I was called into rehearsal to learn a whole bunch of new choreography (a period of time when I was planning to write the review) and then rehearsal ran extra late… I’d try to write it now, but I did something to my neck while attempting to do a backward somersault from a seated position, and I can barely move it without severe pain.  So I’ve pumped myself full of painkillers and can already feel them setting in… Off all day tomorrow, though, so I promise!!!


The Coming Week

I know that I’m awful with actually producing what I promise you guys, so I figure if I write out a schedule and let you all see it that I’ll actually stick to it(?).  So, here’s what you can expect in the next week:

  • Monday: Written review on Tarte Cheekstains (pics/swatches to follow later in the week)
  • Tuesday: ?
  • Wednesday: Airbrush Foundation Routine video
  • Thursday: Non-Airbrush Foundation Routine Video (may need to be moved due to exams and some appointments)
  • Friday: Video Review: Temptu air Compressor and Sp-35 Gun
  • Saturday: How to Apply Blush (powder and cream) video
Sound good?  Let me know if there’s anything you really want instead of one of these.  I don’t have my cam until Wednesday night, so anything up til that point can’t be a video or won’t include swatches, so… Let me know!


Random Musings

Hey everyone.  It has been a super long week for me… Shall we go through it?

  • Monday: First day back to school from a week-long vacation (always a bummer); semi-pointless rehearsal for H2$ at night (really didn’t get anything accomplished.)
  • Tuesday: Had to wake up early to run to the mall to grab some products  for my (then) upcoming haircut and then review; haircut and color (which is always lovely); trooped halfway across the state to meet a friend, ran errands with her, and went out to dinner with her, her boyfriend, and her brother (with little pieces of hair stuck to my face the entire time).  Also tested out some new face products that didn’t really react so well with my skin…
  • Wednesday: Half day at school; went out to lunch with two friends and turned in some resumes to a few restaurants; another H2$ rehearsal where I got yelled at more than once for doing what the director had previously told me to do.
  • Thursday: I have the flu.
So, some good and some bad this week, but overall just exhausting.  I think I just need to sleep.  If I’m home again tomorrow I’ll try to film some of those videos.  As of right now, the requested ones are for:
  1. Tarte Cheekstains
  2. Non-Airbrush Foundation Routine
  3. Temptu air Compressor and Sp-35 Gun
  4. Temptu AIRpod System Tutorial
  5. CeraVe Foaming Face Wash
I think that’s it… If I’m missing anything, or you want something else, then let me know in the comments!  Hope y’all are having a much more invigorating week than I am!


Judgement Day

Alright guys, I’m off in about an hour to get my hair cut… Wish me luck!  I’m going to take pictures throughout (on my phone, unfortunately…) to chronicle my “transformation”, so stay tuned for those.

Oh, also, remember how I asked y’all to help me pick out the actual cut?  And almost everyone said they loved the first choice and hated the second?  Well, I was searching through some portfolios a second time for inspiration last night, and went through this guy’s one again.  The first and the second photo are the same guy.  With the same cut.  The second one is just unstyled.  See the big difference a bit of product can make?

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