A Realization

So, I realized something today.

The reason my posts have become so infrequent is because, quite simply, I don’t know what to write about.  I’m still a beginning blogger, so I don’t have a relationship with any companies and don’t receive pre-release products for review or overview.  I’m a guy, and don’t wear much beyond foundation, powder, and some contouring, so the number of products I can test on myself/buy for myself is rather limited.  And I write for Makeup and Beauty Blog, so many of the products I purchase for my kit are reviewed for/on there.

But, I’m not giving up.  I’ve just decided to expand the focus of the blog a bit.

Finally Indigo will continue to be a beauty blog, but focusing less intensely on product reviews and widening it’s scope to include many other aspects of beauty.  This includes cooking (recipes, tips, tricks, etc.), exercise, and a variety of other topics that all factor into making you the most beautiful person you can be.

This is a big change, and one I hope will keep me posting much more regularly.  My YouTube channel will still be devoted to beauty products and reviews only.

Let me know in the comments what you think of this shift, and leave me some ideas of what kinds of topics you want me to cover in the future.  I want to thank all you who have stuck with me and the blog through all of my absences and lapses.  It’s seeing the numbers of daily visitors that really keeps me going.

So. What do you want to see from Finally Indigo in the coming months?

  1. #1 by Lauren on June 30, 2011 - 08:54

    Sounds great to me! I’ll be looking forward to it!

  2. #2 by Emma on June 30, 2011 - 10:39

    I agree with Lauren, your idea sounds fantastic. It’s great to see you back (you write so fantastically) and I think that expanding to cooking and exercise and the like is a great idea. Beauty is so much more than just makeup, its also about have a strong canvas to work with 🙂 Can’t wait!

  3. #3 by Megan on July 1, 2011 - 10:02

    Love the idea. 🙂 A no-BS, non-Oprah take on whole beauty? Yes, please.

  4. #4 by Katie on July 13, 2011 - 02:14

    First off, I love your writing style. Down to earth and precisely as if someone had asked you a question and you simply respond naturally. I’d love to see you do tips/tricks for the average user of cosmetics. I’ve also always enjoyed the posts you write about home remedies (milk of magnesia, baking soda, etc.); they’re a great source of inspiration to draw from. Thank you for taking the time to write and video what you do, you’re an amazing person!

  5. #5 by TiniZine on August 14, 2011 - 03:36

    Yes! Beauty is so much more than just an appearance, it’s also a feeling. you should definitely expand your topic choices, it’ll give you more freedom.

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