Waxing… Help?

So, there’s this site I’m part of that offers exclusive deals on clothes, accessories, travel opportunities, and “events”.  Yesterday, a 30% off deal came on for male treatments at the Bliss Spa in New York.

I’ve been considering waxing for a while (shaving some areas is just so tedious, time-consuming, and occasionally painful!), but had been daunted by the procedure and the price.  However, with this deal, I’m willing to try it out.  I’ve heard amazing things about Bliss’ male treatments, too, so it’s kinda a win-win.

However, I’ve never waxed before, and have no idea what I need to do to prepare, what to expect, etc…  And I’m sure there are others of you out there!

So, how do you prepare for a waxing procedure?  What should someone new to this expect?  How often do you get it done? And anything else you think someone who has never done this should know!

  1. #1 by Adrienne on April 1, 2011 - 23:10

    First of all, i just found your blog and i’m loving it 🙂

    You’re going to have to let the hair grow out a little bit beforehand, just enough for the wax to grab hold of it. I make sure to take a pain medicine about 30-40 minutes before my appt (tylenol, ibuprofin, sometimes both if i have them on hand, haha). I’ve been doing this since i first started getting waxes, so i can’t tell you if it actually helps, but I can get a bit nervous about any type of pain, so it makes me feel better, and i’m sure it helps some. You want your skin to be clean so make sure to shower that day, and wear loose comfortable clothing. If they apply any kind of soothing cream afterwards, ask if they have any small packets or samples of it you can take home with you (or get some beforehand, check drugstores i think they carry stuff like that near the waxing kits). Bikini waxes are grade-a biotches, so i have an ice pack in a lunch bag waiting in my car for my 30 minute ride home from my salon, but unless you’re waxing a very sensitive area, that’s probably not necessary.

    Waxing is a little scary at first, but it’s good that you’re going somewhere with a good reputation, a good waxer makes all the difference, they’ll know how to hold the skin and pull the wax off to minimize discomfort, and they’ll be quick and efficient, it’ll be done way sooner than you think, and you’ll love the long lasting results!

  2. #2 by Morgan on April 2, 2011 - 20:23

    Exfoliation afterwards is also super important. I opt for the brazilian (ouch!) and while hair grows back significantly more sparse, less coarse, and with fewer ingrown hairs they still do occur and can be really painful (not to mention unsightly). Its also important not to tense up while being waxed as it can make the process of painful and less effective, so focus on your breathing. You want your hair to be long but not too long, between 1/4-1/8 of an inch and the first time is ALWAYS the worst, things are much easier the second time around when your hair is less dense and at prime length. I usually go once a month, the total absence of hair only lasts about two weeks before it starts growing back but you’ll hardly notice it when it does as it is a much more comfortable “process” then when hair grows back after shaving. It usually takes a full four weeks before my hair is long enough to be waxed again. The most important factor to all of this is a great waxer, having someone that is comfortable, modest, and quick makes all of the difference!

  3. #3 by Isabel on April 3, 2011 - 15:35

    Hi Sam,

    Regards from Portugal! 🙂 I’ve been following you for quite a bit now & i first of all I just wanted to let you know you are doing a great job, and i’m alway checking your updates! So, answering you question about waxing, here in Portugal most women do it so we’re quite used to it and it’s much cheaper than in the States from what i’ve read in several blogs. We have lots of sun all year so being hair free it’s a must (besides it’s just part of our culture to wax anyway – even in the winter).
    My advices would be: Prepare your skin for it – exfoliate the day before, and on the day take a shower and don’t moisturize, this will make it harder for the wax to get a hold of the hair. We don’t take pain medication (and we do take it all off lol, it’s painfull but you can perfectly manage it. Actually i don’t think i’ve ever heard anyone saying they take pain meds ahead). During the waxing itself, be calm and don’t stress!!!! Yes it will hurt, specially during the 1st time, since you don’t know what to expect, you become so nervous that it seems much harder than it really is. Don’t let your hair be too long, but it cannot be too short. In doubt don’t do anything and let the waxer trim the hairs if necessary (for example when waxing for the 1rst time the bikini area we never cut/shave the hairs at home. We just get there & explain to the person & they will trim the hair to the correct size). Just chose someone you have references about and let the person do their job! Usually before actually starting the waxing itself the waxer cleans the skin and puts baby powder on the area – this will create a barrier that protects the skin & it also absorb some moist if you sweat (it’s normal if you’re nervous, if it’s summer etc lol ). After we’re done, they will give us some healing cream usually sold in pharmacies for cuts and wounds healing – just to calm the skin and keep it clean from bacterias. Never ever expose yourself to sunlight after waxing, you’ll get red spots as the area is very sensible (i usually take a sun protector with me, even if i’m going straight home). Last tip, don’t shower right after, as the warm water will only make your skin more sensitive and it will also dry it to much. Wait some hours, and then take a shower with the water as cold as you can take it! Oh, by the way, it’s normal in some areas were the hair is thicker to bleed a bit. Hope it helps! 🙂

  4. #4 by rachel on April 3, 2011 - 23:17

    hey sam :]
    i’ve worked at a couple salons and have also gotten waxed plenty of times, so i guess i have some words of advice
    – i would find out if they use a hard or soft wax. soft wax is that kind that uses muslin strips to pull off the skin, whereas hard wax is peeled off on its own. i’ve done both and i personally have found that hard wax is less painful and easier on the skin.
    – i’ve never taken pain medication beforehand but i’ve been told i have a high pain tolerance. you may want it for your first time though, simply because of the fact that when you shave, the hair follicle grows deeper into the skin, making the first time hurt a bit more. once you get into the habit of waxing, this isn’t something you’ll have to worry about anymore. with that said, i would also add that you should avoid shaving in between waxing appointments so it’s less painful when you go
    best of luck :]

  5. #5 by finallyindigo on April 4, 2011 - 12:51

    Thanks so much for all the info and help, guys! I’ve decided to stave off until swimsuit season, but come mid-May… I’ll letcha know how it goes!! 🙂

    Of course, save the intimate details haha. I guess it’ll be more of a review of the process and the spa I finally choose (I’m leaning heavily towards Bliss; they seem to cater very well to men).

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