How *Do* You Deal With a Wrong Foundation Shade?

So, my foundations and other goodies for my new airbrush finally came in!! I’ve been experimenting all weekend. I feel like a makeup mad scientist or something. Seriously, all this mixing and spraying and cleaning and diluting… Perhaps I do have a future as a chemist (yeah, right…)

Anywho, I never realized how truly pale I am until I got these foundations. While OCC does sell adjusters, I really don’t think that their palest shades are meant to be lightened even more. I ordered the first three shades in their yellow range, hoping I could mix two together and use the last as either a highlighter or a contour product. The first thing I tried was using the middle shade (Y1) straight-up, and boy was it way too dark for me. I looked like I had popped just my face in the oven for a few minutes! Deluding myself into believing that I wasn’t a shade above Elmer’s Glue, I tried a 1:1 mixture of Y0 (the lightest) and Y1, and it was still way too dark; this will probably be the shade I make when summer hits and I tan a bit.

So, this morning, I did a 5:1 mix of Y0 to Y1, and still… Too (young-people-read-this-so-imagine-your-own-good-expletive) deep! I’ve been walking around all day with a face that’s darker even than my arms (where I match to when I’m not wearing a V-neck {check out why here}), and it is just not cute.

Tomorrow, I’m going full-out Y0,and hoping for the best. If it’s still too deep, I’m gonna have to order a white adjuster… I really didn’t think I was this pale!! Granted, I’ve not once been able to find a foundation that matches me perfectly (even among department store brands) that isn’t a creme (from the professional brands I tend to buy from). Often, the palest shades have a pink based, and I have not even a hint of pink in my skin. I’m often left to work with a more beigey, slightly darker foundation that leaves my face with a pink cast in harsh lighting (an stark opposition to my neck, chest, and arms…)

So, after this long winded post…

How do you deal with a wrong foundation shade for a day?

I tend to suck it up in the name of experimentation, but that’s just me. Do you wash it off? Redo it? Use a colored powder?

  1. #1 by Maggie on March 21, 2011 - 14:10

    I have the exact same problem. It’s a pain in the butt being super pale and *not* super cool-toned (I do have some cool tones in my skin, but not nearly so much as most of the palest foundations out there seem to think I should). I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I just have to get a white adjuster. I didn’t quite realize how pale I was until recently either 😛

    I cannot STAND having the wrong foundation shade on my face. If I notice in a mirror that my face is noticeably darker than the rest of me, I pretty much flee to the nearest bathroom/sink/hand wipe and remove it right away. I’ve been dealing with being too pale for the scale by using concealer in spots where I need to even out my skin tone, and using a translucent powder all over.

  2. #2 by Christina on March 26, 2011 - 19:11

    Omg. You are hilarious. LOVE what you have going on here & cannot believe I am just *now* stumbling upon your wordpress now.

  3. #3 by Suzette on April 22, 2011 - 20:37

    The paleness has earned me the nickname “Casper” and “snowflake” by my loving friends. You should venture a litte into Asian brand foundations. They’re usually going to be on the lighter end with more yellow or neutral bases to it. BB creams are pretty popular too, although sometimes they can give you a little bit of a gray or pink cast due to the spf in them. I usually apply BB cream on the center of my forehead, and the inner parts of my cheeks because blotchy is all my face knows how to be! Then I just set it with a powder or lightly go over it with some foundation with a Mac 187. Good luck with trekking for a foundation that works for your skin tone!

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