Quick Update!

Just checking in real fast.  Today’s our third to last day of the trip, and we’re getting an early start to check out the Kremlin and the Church of the Assumption.  Gonna be a looooooong day…  Fun, though!

Anywho, the only “beauty” news I have is that we found this kinda incredible herbal remedy for the flu: plantain syrup.  It’s this thick, viscous, liquid that basically coats your throat and makes your mouth feel all slippery, but it completely stops coughing and relieves fevers!  How remarkable!

So, my question for today is:  Have you ever found a localized beauty secret or remedy while traveling abroad?

  1. #1 by Ambassador on June 11, 2011 - 03:31

    Morocco is FULL of natural beauty secrets and remedies. I think Argan oil is the most well-known (and available for a fraction of the price of what that Josie person sells it for), but my favourite is using rhassoul mud as a shampoo. Their black soap (very expensive online, but pennies in the country) is also amazing and unique.

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