Which Came First: The Foundation or The Concealer?

Anonymous asked whether I prefer to apply foundation before or after concealer.

Ah, the age-old question.  I think it really depends on your situation, what type of products you’re using, and how much of each.  So let’s cover both.

I recommend concealer before foundation…

Nearly 99% of the time.  I find that if you apply concealer first, you often use less foundation.  It’s more of a visual trick.  If you hide your real problem areas first, everything else looks much better in comparison, and thus you feel like you need to use less foundation to even everything out.  As well, I find that this method allows for your foundation to cover any discrepancy between your concealer shade and your skin, giving a more natural, even finish.

I only recommend applying concealer after foundation…

If you use a very sheer coverage foundation.  This way, you can really target only the areas that have issues (hopefully just your undereyes and around your nose if you’re using a low coverage foundation…) maintaining a relatively bare face.

In either case, always follow the rules of layering: creams never go over powders.  So if you use a powder foundation, always use cream concealers first.  If, for some reason, you use a powder concealer, always apply after foundation.

If you do apply concealer first, you must stipple over the area.  You cannot buff or swirl.  Doing so will simply remove the concealer you’ve already applied.  If buffing is your preferred method of application, apply concealer afterwards.

So, for the most part, I recommend concealer first for a more natural, even coverage.  But if you have something going, keep to it!

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