Veiny Undereyes?

Megan noticed that in my videos, I have “absolutely no undereye circles-or those little blue veins that frame them,” and wanted to know what concealers I use, and how.

Except on my worst days, I actually just use my regular foundation-Revlon Colorstay Normal/Oily-under my eyes with a bit of setting powder.  Full coverage foundations often eliminate the need for concealer on all but the darkest blemishes or circles.

On days when I’ve gotten no sleep and can’t go with just foundation alone, I use MUFE Full Coverage.  I take a concealer brush and dab a tiny bit right underneath where the shadows are darkest (usually right underneath my tearducts), turn the brush over, and feather it up to my lower lashline and towards the inner corner, then up slightly onto my eyelid.  If necessary, I’ll dot a tiny bit under my pupil, and feather it towards the outer corner.  Then, using my ring finger, I pat (making sure not to drag) it out a bit, then apply foundation.

For people who rely on concealer for daily use, I definitely recommend the Full Coverage (for those with oily skin, long days, or extremely dark circles) or MUFE’s Lift concealer (for people who have more fine lines and wrinkles).

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