The Undereye Uglies

Anonymous asked how to avoid cakey underye concealer.

Depending on what type of foundation you use, you may not even need a concealer, and in using one, you may be doubling up on product, which can lead to caking.  Full and even medium coverage foundations are often more than enough to conceal relatively dark under-eye circles.

However, assuming you do need one, try these steps:

  1. Apply your eye cream (not one with any oils, as these can mix with the concealer and cause it to either separate or cake). Let it sit for five to ten minutes, then blot off the excess moisture.
  2. Try a liquid concealer.  My favorite is MUFE Full Coverage for really dark circles (it’s completely waterproof and you barely need any to completely conceal.)  These are much less likely to cake than cream concealers.  However, if you do need even more coverage, apply cream concealer in very light layers, building it up rather than applying it all at once.
  3. Dot concealer at the very bottom of your under-eye area, and blend upwards toward your lower lashline.  This ensures that the most product is concentrated where your circles will be darkest, and avoids placing a lot of product where you may have lines or creases (which can lead to creasing and caking.)
  4. Use a brush or your ring finger (this is one of the only times I advise using your fingers for makeup application) to pat the concealer into place, rather than sweeping.
  5. Let the concealer settle for a minute or two.  Open your eyes really wide, and blot under your eyes with a tissue.  This will remove excess product and moisture.  If any concealer has settled into any lines, take the tissue or your finger and gently blot over the obvious line of product that will appear when you widen your eyes.
  6. Using a small, thin powder puff, press a tiny amount of translucent loose powder over the concealer.  This will set it for the rest of the day and hopefully prevent it from further creasing.

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