The Naked Palette by Urban Decay

Anonymous asked my opinion on UD’s Naked Palette.

It’s… well… it’s ok.  I love the shades, but I have problems with UD’s palettes overall.

For one, they’re just sooooo expensive for what you get.  If you discount the “bonus” eyeliner and mini Primer Potion, you’re essentially paying $44 for barely more than half of an ounce of product.  That’s ridiculous.

Also, I’ve found that the glitter/shimmer in their palettes tend to be slightly less finely milled than their full-size shadows, which irks me a bit.  I hate when companies lower the quality of palette products, which happens more often than you think.

With many of UD’s palettes, I think the shade selection as a whole product is kind of ridiculous.  The average person is not going to use many of the shades included (I feel that they include quite a few very similar shades so that people with different skintones will find the right one in the same color family for them), and for an artist, buying a palette like this where you can’t de-pot and get so little product is just not fiscally reasonable.

So, if you have the money to blow on it and want a nice palette that will assuredly have at least three to four shadows guaranteed to work with your skintone, go for it.  Otherwise, you’d be better off picking up two to three full-size UD shadows (if you want these exact shades) that you know you’re gonna love.

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