Natural Whitening

Dizzygano wonders if I have any natural alternatives to peroxide-based teeth-whitening.

I love the idea of natural remedies, but rarely do they work very well, and often require a tradeoff in efficacy for something else.  The only one I know of is using a mash of fresh strawberries as a sort of tooth polish.  Take three to four ripe strawberries and crush them in a bowl with some lemon juice until you obtain a rather thin paste.  Take a toothbrush (preferably not your normal one, as this stuff will definitely stain it red), dip it in the mash, and use it to gently but firmly brush your teeth, dipping the toothbrush back into the mash every few seconds.  Make sure to brush your teeth normally afterwards.

Some people have reported tooth sensitivity with this, as well as having this method actually make their teeth more yellow due to the highly acidic lemon juice.  If you fear this, leave that out and just add a bit of water to thin the paste instead.

However, if you don’t mind a non-natural route, the Crest 3D Professional Effects Advance Seal Whitening Strips are fantastic.  I’ve been through a full treatment, and my teeth are at least four shades whiter, but I saw results even after one use.  If you’re only looking for mild lightening, you might consider just using one or two treatments rather than the full course.

  1. #1 by annienipot on February 14, 2011 - 21:40

    Some of the things that effect the way your teeth look are smoking and red wine. But you can add to that strong juices, coffee, tea, oranges and more. Besides that, as we age, our teeth discolor more. So teeth brightening is needed to bring back the white teeth you once had. Thank you for sharing.

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