Lighting Conditions

Kaelin knows that many makeup artists recommend applying makeup in natural lighting, but posed that this is often not possible.  So, she wonders what type of lighting I recommend for this situation.

There are bulbs that mimic natural sunlight, but I’ve found two problems with them: they’re quite expensive and I don’t see a real difference than when applying with a “normal” bulb.

Instead, I’ve found that the best lighting to apply makeup under is good-ol’ cheap fluorescent bulbs.  This lighting is actually harsher than sunlight, and is featured in many offices and schools.

The only problem with this is that at first, you will definitely overapply.  Problem areas are magnified, pores look bigger, and your cheeks appear ruddier.  Do a few test runs on days when you either don’t have to look fantastic or plan to stay at home most of the time.  It takes a bit of adjustment, but once you’ve got your routine down, you’ll look amazing in any situation.

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