Essential MAC Brushes

Anonymous asked me what my favorite MAC brushes are.

Face Brushes:

  1. 138: I love this brush for applying liquid foundation, powder bronzer, and powder contour shades.
  2. 188: This brush is fantastic for applying cream blush with precision.
  3. 189: Great for applying cream contour/highlight shades.


  1. 212: Great for applying precise eyeliner, and for creating a fantastic, easy cat-eye.
  2. 214: I love to use this brush when doing a smokey eye.  Really places and packs on the color.
  3. 219: Great for lining under the eye, and getting a slightly smudgey effect if you tilt it during application.
  4. 224: Love this one for diffusing color into the crease, as well as blending two colors together.
  5. 227: Your all-purpose, lid-color brush.

However, I must say, all of my favorite brushes do not come from MAC.  Most of them are from Sigma, Studio Tools, Crown Brushes, and a few non-basic brushes from various companies (like the NARS Ita Kabuki).

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