Chopa wanted to know if I depot any of my makeup, and if so, what types.  She was also curious if there were any makeup products that I use exclusively on myself.

It really depends.  I tend not to depot, for the most part, and only really will if the packaging is horrendous or I need to save on space.  For example, right now I’m working on depotting all of my lipsticks to create a palette for easier organization and management.  Many of the things I do depot are cream products (lipsticks, cream foundations, cream eyeshadows, etc.)  I don’t usually depot powder products, except maybe loose powders to transfer them to more portable containers/better shakers.

Although, I purchase many “professional” (Ben Nye, MAC Pro, etc.) products which basically come “depotted” already…

I also tend to create palettes out of weird containers (that lipstick palette is actually just a large, simple pill/vitamin organizer), so normal depotting doesn’t always serve my purpose, either.

And yeah, there are a few products I only use on myself.  Of course, there is some “crossover” (meaning I use a product on myself that I also have in my kit), but these are two separate items; I keep one in my pro kit, and one on my bathroom side-table.  I don’t mix my personal use stuff and my professional stuff that way.  The only real things I can think of that are exclusively in my dopp kit are the Revlon Colorstay foundation (I lean more towards cream foundations for professional use, and the color selection on the Colorstay isso limited that it’s not feasible for work), and Coty Airspun Powder (I use this for non-photoshoot work and especially in theatre applications, but it’s too heavy for HD cameras, unfortunately.)

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