Day or Night?

Anonymous asked how to know if a certain makeup look is more appropriate for day or night.

There’s no one right answer here.  But in general, day makeup is applied more lightly, looks more natural, utilizes less color, and may only focus on one particular area (eyes, lips, etc.)  Night makeup can be applied more heavily (as the softer light will diffuse imperfections and make makeup look less obvious), use more color, use more “effects” (glitter, shimmer, etc.), and be more experimental.

Day is the time to “play it safe”.  If you have a professional job, wear something that you’d be as comfortable meeting an important client in as you would be going on a first date in a park.  You want them to see the real you.  Night is your time to have fun and experiment.  Try heavy liner, a bright eyeshadow, shimmery cheeks, or crazy false lashes.

Mostly, though, it’s about being comfortable and appropriate.  If you’d feel comfortable wearing orange eyeshadow to work, go for it (just make sure your boss is okay with it!)

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