Blue Mascara? Not For You, Clown!

Anonymous wonders what I think about blue mascaras, because she worries that wearing one will make her look clownish.

I love ‘em.  I can’t say that I use them often (as most of my work is for photoshoots using HD cameras…), but I do think they’re fantastic.  Most of the ones you’ll find aren’t like bamblue!  They’re more of a subtle, navy to cobalt shade that will really only appear blue when they catch the light.  But just like blue eyeliner making eyes look brighter and blue tinted lip gloss making teeth look whiter, blue mascara will definitely make your peepers look fresh and awake.

Also, blue is a great choice if you don’t want to go so dramatic with black, but want something with a bit more oomph than a natural.  Just make sure to eliminate all clumping with this stuff, as that is when it can start to look a bit clownish.

If you’re afraid of transitioning to blue, try this tip: apply your regular black or nude mascara, and then dab the wand of a blue mascara just on the tips of your upper eyelashes.  You’ll get a cool, yet rather subtle transitional effect, and can see how blue mascara might work with your eyes without committing to it fully.

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