A Blog is Born

Anonymous asked what the story behind my blog’s name is.

It’s really not an interesting story haha.  Indigo just happens to be my favorite color (well, just purple in general, actually, but Indigo sounds cooler).  And a while back, for Halloween or something, I was trying to come up with a Superhero name, and thinking like “Final…” something.  I knew I wanted my costume to have purple in it, so I threw “Indigo” into the think-tank.  The costume never worked out, but I really liked the combo of “Final” and “Indigo”, yet it didn’t sound quite right, so I changed it to “Finally”, and it just kinda stuck.  Started out as my new screenname, then email, and then I just kinda liked how ambiguous it was for a blog name, while still seeming interesting.  And thus a blog was born.

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