Finally Got One of My Photos Back…

Hey, so I finally got one of the semi-complete photos back from one of the first photoshoots I ever did!  The background still needs to be changed, but the “me” part is supposedly done with editing.  Check it out!

Anyway, my dad has a ton of work to do tomorrow, so I’m pretty much on my own all day.  Whadya think that means?  Yup! Answering all of your questions, at least two YouTube videos, and no homework! Awesome!  Honestly, every time I promise to start this stuff, I fall asleep. No joke. But I plan on actually sleeping tonight, so hopefully, I won’t be passing out in the middle of the day tomorrow, so this will actually happen.  Thanks guys!

  1. #1 by artemisraluca on August 13, 2011 - 05:50

    wow :O you look….like…a…doll! ken 😀

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