Stunning Orange Eyeshadow at Armani Privé Fall 2010

Everyone in the beauty industry has been shocked by the rise of the orange eyeshadow trend this year on the Fall runways.  It was perhaps one of the most controversial, and then most widely embraced makeup trends of the season, and here, I believe we can see why.  Artists at the Armani Privé show have created a stunning burnt orange/amber smokey eye that really epitomizes why this color works.  Take a look:

To quickly replicate this eye: Using a damp synthetic brush, pat a dark amber or an orange with a brick base metallic shadow across the entire lid, and blend/fade slightly above crease.  Blend a matte or shimmery black shadow into the outer V of the eye, bringing it slightly more inwards in the crease, and one third of the way along the lower lash line (keep it thin).  Pat a yellow based gold shadow into the inner corner.  Connect the inner corner with the black using the same orange/amber from before, and make sure to keep it really thin; blend well with the black.  Line the waterline in a light gold or white.  Throw on a couple of layers of black mascara (don’t worry if it clumps a bit—it works for this look) on both the top and bottom lashes.  The rest of the face should be left relatively plain, with perhaps a sheer pink stain on lips (or even just lip balm), a peachy cream blush, and a dewy foundation.

Voila! Instant chic.

Thanks to for the photos.

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