GVP Wax: Compare to Paul Mitchell Wax Works

Hey all! Sorry about no postin’ yesterday; I had work from 3pm to 2am… Ridiculous. Anyway, I also bought this product yesterday.  I am simply in love with the GVP brand.  Available only at Sally Beauty Supply stores (my hair secret mecca), the brand makes really inexpensive dupes of high end brands (Paul Mitchell, Matrix, Joico, Sebastian, etc.).  It even gives a side-by-side comparison of ingredients in both products, which are often identical down to the last item.  My only gripe is the packaging, which is nowhere near luxe or pretty, and so I often keep these items in my cabinet rather than on display.

So now we get to GVP Wax, which is supposedly comparable to Paul Mitchell Wax Works.  I’ve never owned the original, but in the past, I have been quite happy with GVP’s dupes of products that I do own (even if neither is a good product, the results of both are basically identical), so I tend to trust it’s reliability in that aspect.

But did GVP Wax stand up to the high regards I hold for both GVP and Paul Mitchell? Find out after the jump.

Opening it up, the smell is very mild, and I can’t even put a name to it. No problem there.

Squeezing a small amount into my hand (about half the size of a dime), the product had the consistency of a really viscous gel.  After emulsifying between my fingers, I rubbed it through my slightly damp hair, and immediately knew it wasn’t gonna give extreme hold.  The product description promises a medium hold, which I usually expect will allow my thick, heavy hair to ‘stand up” in places.  Not that this weighed my hair down at all, just that it wouldn’t be strong enough to lift my hair from it’s natural place.  When I was done, I did however see the “Extreme Texture and Shine” shown on the front of the package.  My hair looked second-day piecey and had a definite, non-greasy luster.  I was able to shift and mold my bangs pretty well, and the hold is pretty good, but still allows my hair to move and flow.  All of my frizz was tamed, as well.

When I got home, the definition was still there, but I wanted to see if I could achieve a bit of gravity-defying styling that I wanted from this.  I took a full dime size amount of GVP Wax and applied it over my already-styled hair.  No go for the stand-up styling, but I was able to add some really nice texture and definition.

After all this, my hair was still really soft and touchable, had a bit of movement, and did a fantastic job taming my frizz and adding some nice shine to my hair, all without weighing it down or making it look greasy. It won’t become a staple in my regimen, but I’ll keep it around to use for certain looks.

Who might like this:

  • Someone looking for a product that will give a light piecey look
  • Someone looking for a product to enhance shine and tame frizz without weighing hair down
  • Someone looking for a product that they can layer without looking greasy

Who might not like this:

  • Someone looking for a product with strong hold  or gravity-defying abilities
  • Someone going for a matte hair look


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